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Forever In My Heart
While on a job interview in Arizona, Peter Saunders is car-jacked and left for dead. However, his assailant is killed in a fiery collision with an oil truck. Authorities in Arizona notify Peter’s fiancee, Ruby Douglas, in New York of his death. She is devastated. And, as if that pain and heartache isn’t enough, Ruby, a school teacher, discovers she’s pregnant and must fight to keep her job. Though she never truly lets Peter’s ghost go, Ruby eventually finds happiness with fellow teacher, Mark Winters…until fate intervenes once more.
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An Encounter on a Bridge Between Strangers
Brandi Jeffries encounters a stranger, Adam Pendleton, atop the Wabasha Street Bridge. Within minutes, they are arguing over where each should jump which results in destroying the spirit of the jump. They both storm off expecting to never meet again, but fate brings them to the same diner. There they decide to join forces to get even with her ex and his wife. They end up falling in love, but things go so terribly wrong when Adam’s wife is found murdered and he becomes the prime suspect.
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