Now out Accidental Love and coming soon Honor Most Profane.

Accidental Love
Holly Davidson is hammering out the final details with her soon to be ex-husband, Jeff, one nail at a time. The entire divorce process had been tedious and she has but another early meeting with her lawyer before work. Leaving her lawyer’s office, she’s caught in a monsoon and falls as she’s running to her car, breaking her ankle. One of the EMTs transporting her to the hospital takes an interest in her, but Holly doesn’t want any men in her life right now. But will she let the handsome EMT merely walk away out of her life forever?
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For the Love of Money
What do you do when your womanizer of a husband loves your inheritance more than you and is the top divorce lawyer in Arizona? Vanessa Jeffers has had enough of her philandering husband, Jake, and wants to divorce him. Only... while she’s making plans to dump him, Jake is making plans of his own.
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