COMING SOON...A new series of shorter stories centering around Ariel Jones, an independent, sexy black woman with a healthy libido...... ...

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Ever since Alisha Houston runs into Daniel Mason on the ski slope it seems that they are destined to be together. At first, mad at the leggy, dusky- skinned skiing disaster, Daniel is sure he should keep a safe distance from her. But their paths keep crossing and he is puzzled how he can be so annoyed at a woman and still be so attracted to her. And she definitely turns him on.

Alisha is mortified that the one, sexy man she is fascinated with at the ski resort is the one she sends to the hospital! Then one shattering, unexpected kiss launches them into a love affair that brings red-hot passion and deep caring. Until Alisha's estranged father dies, leaving behind a secret that devastates her.

A secret she cannot, and must not share with the man she loves. Even if it means leaving him without warning or explanation. Even if it means breaking his heart.

Coming September 1st
In Episode 1, STRANGE ENCOUNTERS, having a brief affair with her blonde, French roommate was new and exciting. But falling for her roommate's devastatingly handsome, kinky brother introduces Ariel to a new world of erotic pleasure.